Hydair have regularly been approached to provide hydraulic levelling and control systems for a range of industries.

1000 Ton marine structure     Levelled from the seabed

Rail road conversion Hydair R.C.I system

Track Vehicle Radio controlled system

Toyota Motorsport Hydralevel de-mount system

From automatic “one-touch” levelling deployment systems to dynamic multi-axis systems, it goes without saying: Our knowledge gives us the competitive edge. We have a truly collaborative environment which is constantly evolving with the changes in technology.

With expert installation, we will give your system the attention it needs whilst mitigating risk. We analyse the different working conditions, control strategies and methods of levelling system to ensure you receive the best possible solution.

Whether you’re requesting a system designed and developed for the first tidal turbine in Northern Island,or a radio controlled automatic levelling for your vehicle or trailer, we’ll get you up and running.


Over the last 30 years, we have worked on such a varied portfolio, that no matter what size the project you may have,or the level of complexity, we are happy to rise to the challenge.Whether its one off commissions or quantities of any volume, our highly skilled team of specialists are at your disposal.

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