Design and manufacture of Pneumatic control and test equipment

  • Peli case Nitrogen Purging test kits
  • Film Set stunt launch pads
  •  Stainless Pneumatic test panels
  • Pneumatic valve manifold assemblies

Machines and equipment go through periods where they may break down. In a pneumatic system it’s likely the fault won’t be noticed immediately but rather when the performance has changed. This is where Hydair step in.


Our understanding of pneumatic systems and customer requirements enables us to offer off the shelf components to achieve a bespoke power solution. If a specific product is required we have the knowledge and skills to design, test and manufacture

Our extensive inventory of pneumatic equipment     ensures we have exactly what your need, when you need it
  • Push-in fittings / Tubing
  • Filter-regulators / Lubricators
  • Pneumatic cylinders / Solenoid Valves

Are all available within hours with more complex requests fulfilled overnight.We are suppliers for all of the major pneumatic manufactures, Norgren, Festo, SMC, Camozzi, Metalwork etc. Our specialist engineers can also assist you with any equipment systems you require.