Systems and Engineering

Systems and Engineering

We design and manufacture complete bespoke hydraulic systems.

ATEX hydraulic/pneumatic      control systems

CRT recycling machine IQAN control integration

400 Ton press Seal ejector system

Gulliver’s Travels (film set)
5 Ton six-axis gimbal

We use 2d & 3D CAD/CAM software to design and manufacture complete bespoke hydraulic systems the gound up. Providing power and actuation is one of our many fortes and it’s something we take great pride in.

For any project, no matter how small or large, we offer ram design and manufacture, custom motion controls, electrical design and PLC programming as part of the package, providing our customers with the ideal solution and product for their unique application.

We offer systems which are not only ATEX compliant but can also incorporate Safety Function Integration up to EN13849-1 PLD.

When you add there to our extensive experience with supplying systems suitable for extreme environmental conditions this allows us to provide you with a tailor made solution to your specific requirement

Coupling innovation with truly dedicated engineers has generated long lasting partnerships with the focus on competent, forward-thinking custom-made pressure solutions and precise machine control.

Each of our systems are fully proof tested to ensure everything is working and performing expected. This includes verification of the entire system, logic solver, sensors and final elements.